The numbnotes Story

As we are all aware, the year 2020 (and now 2021) has been very challenging for a multitude of reasons. Personally, it has been a year of transition, a year of learning, a year of eyes becoming wide open to so many realities, some shocking, some not so much. A year of quick decisions that you hope are right, a year of juggling everything while juggling nothing at the same time.

It has been a year chock full of negativity. While some of the negativity around us has been building for a long while, there seemed to have been a shift. Friends walking away from each other, family having to make very difficult decisions, children experiencing life in a way they’ve never know. People divided. Hatred. Hurt. Loss. Confusion. Struggle. Fear.

During some of the worst of times though, one incredible thing that stood out is the uplifting, the strengthening of friendships, the willingness of others to jump in and do what can be done to lessen the load, to assist, to just being there for those they love and care about, and doing all of these things for strangers as well. Showing love and compassion from the heart for anyone willing and able to receive.

We’ve seen two very different worlds within our bubbles - one of light, one of dark.

My takeaway has been that we all need help now and then. That help can come in the form of a meal dropped on our porch, a bag of groceries delivered by a friend, the generous sharing of a roll of toilet paper! (Who would have ever thought TP could be the way to someone’s heart?!) That help can also come with no monetary value attached - a kind word, an unexpected note, a thoughtfully orchestrated drive-by birthday parade, wearing a mask. Isn’t it amazing what positivity can come from simple actions?

This is where numbnotes come from. From the heart of someone who has lived through various scenarios of love, hate, hurt, excitement, despair, and so much more. Nice, Uplifting, Motivating & Bold notes that can change a person’s moment, day, week, even life.

Random acts of kindness are always on my mind, I think outside the box often. I have been known to grab a card as I pass it because I know one day, someday, it will be perfect for someone! I love paper. I love people. I love making people smile, helping their happiness, pushing them to do what others know they are capable of….. hello numbnotes! Where have you been all my life?

It truly is my hope that together, we can spread our hearts far and wide simply by sharing a small card. Leave it anonymously, write a personal note & sign your name, drop a word of motivation in the mail with a gift card, leave them in public places so the perfect person sees the perfect note at the perfect moment.

Never doubt your ability to change the world.


be numb!